Conduction of electricity through gases

  title={Conduction of electricity through gases},
  author={J. J. Thomson and G. P. Thomson}
1. Electrical conductivity of gases in a normal state 2. Properties of a gas when in a conducting state 3. Mobility of ions 4. Mathematical theory of the conduction of electricity through a gas containing ions 5. Effect produced by a magnetic field on the motion of the ions 6. Determination of the ratio of the charge to the mass of an ion 7. Determination of the charge carried by the negative ion 8. On some physical properties of gaseous ions 9. Ionisation by incandescent solids 10. Ionisation… Expand
Transverse Ion Diffusion in Gases
Ionization in Gases by Electrons in Electric Fields
Ion injections in hydrocarbons
Conduction and Polarization
The influence of diffusion on the current-voltage curve in a flame ionization detector
  • H. Bolton, P. A. Halbherr
  • Chemistry
  • Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. A. Mathematical and Physical Sciences
  • 1989
Electrical control of gas flows in combustion processes