Conduction at domain walls in oxide multiferroics.

  title={Conduction at domain walls in oxide multiferroics.},
  author={Jan Seidel and Lane W Martin and Qing He and Qian Zhan and Y. H. Chu and Axel Rother and Michael E. Hawkridge and Petro Maksymovych and Pu Yu and Martin Gajek and Nina Balke and Sergei V. Kalinin and Sibylle Gemming and Fujian Wang and Gustau Catalan and James F. Scott and Nicola A. Spaldin and Joseph Orenstein and R. Ram{\'e}sh},
  journal={Nature materials},
  volume={8 3},
Domain walls may play an important role in future electronic devices, given their small size as well as the fact that their location can be controlled. Here, we report the observation of room-temperature electronic conductivity at ferroelectric domain walls in the insulating multiferroic BiFeO(3). The origin and nature of the observed conductivity are probed using a combination of conductive atomic force microscopy, high-resolution transmission electron microscopy and first-principles density… CONTINUE READING