Conducting functional analyses of problem behavior via telehealth.

  title={Conducting functional analyses of problem behavior via telehealth.},
  author={David P Wacker and John F Lee and Yaniz C Padilla Dalmau and Todd G Kopelman and Scott D Lindgren and Jennifer L. Kuhle and Kelly E Pelzel and Debra B Waldron},
  journal={Journal of applied behavior analysis},
  volume={46 1},
Behavior consultants conducted functional analyses (FAs) via telehealth with 20 young children with autism spectrum disorders between the ages of 29 and 80 months who displayed problem behavior and lived an average of 222 miles from the tertiary hospital that housed the behavior consultants. Participants' parents conducted all procedures during weekly telehealth consultations in regional clinics located an average of 15 miles from the participants' homes. Behavior consultants briefly trained… CONTINUE READING