Conducting charge-transfer salts based on neutral π-radicals

  title={Conducting charge-transfer salts based on neutral π-radicals},
  author={Charlene Bryan and Aileen Cordes and R. M. Fleming and Nibu A George and S. H. Glarum and R. C. Haddon and Richard T Oakley and Thomas T M Palstra and Azriel Perel and L. F. Schneemeyer and J. V. Waszczak},
MOST molecular conductors rely on charge transfer to create carriers. For example, the ET salts1 are hole-doped whereas the C60 salts2 are electron-doped. Neutral radical species in which bands are formed by π-orbital overlap would be expected to have half-filled bands and thus to be conducting3, but no such metals have yet been reported. Here we report the… CONTINUE READING