Conditions for Purine Synthesis: Did Prebiotic Synthesis Occur at Low Temperatures?

  title={Conditions for Purine Synthesis: Did Prebiotic Synthesis Occur at Low Temperatures?},
  author={R. S{\'a}nchez and J. Ferris and L. Orgel},
  pages={72 - 73}
  • R. Sánchez, J. Ferris, L. Orgel
  • Published 1966
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Science
  • The rate of polymerization of hydrogen cyanide to aminomalononitrile and the tetramer, diaminomalonodinitrile, is quadratic in the total cyanide concentration. Since the reactions form part of a plausible prebiotic purine synthesis and since they compete with hydrolysis, concentration of cyanide may have been important. This may be achieved usefully by cooling to separate out ice. 
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