Conditions for Existence of Equilibria of Systems With Constant Power Loads

  title={Conditions for Existence of Equilibria of Systems With Constant Power Loads},
  author={Santiago Sanchez Acevedo and Romeo Ortega and Robert Gri{\~n}{\'o} and Gilbert Bergna and Marta Molinas},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I: Regular Papers},
In this paper we investigate the sine qua non condition of existence of equilibria for electrical systems with external (AC or DC) sources furnishing constant power to the loads, which is a scenario encountered in modern applications. Two general cases are considered, when the system is i) linear time-invariant or ii) nonlinear, with dynamic behavior described by a port-Hamiltonian model with constant dissipation and switching interconnection matrix. The latter class includes the practically… CONTINUE READING
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