Conditions That Induce Tolerance in Mature CD 4 1 T Cells


Establishment of antigen-specific tolerance among mature T cells has been a long debated, yet poorly understood issue. In this study we have used transgenic mice bearing a class II–restricted TCR specific for the hemmagglutinin of the influenza virus in order to test the behavior of CD4 1 T cells upon exposure to antigen in different forms and doses. We first studied the fate of T cells expressing the transgenic TCR (6.5) in double transgenic mice where HA was expressed as a self antigen by hemapoietic cells. In these mice, we found some mature T cells in periphery that had escaped thymic deletion and that showed signs of activation but which were anergic. Mature CD4 1 6.5 1 cells that were transferred into antigen-containing recipients went through an initial phase of expansion after which most cells were deleted and those remaining became unresponsive, as previously described for CD8 1 cells. Inducing tolerance in CD4 1 6.5 1

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