Conditions Equivalent to Unit Representations of Ordered Relational Structures.

  title={Conditions Equivalent to Unit Representations of Ordered Relational Structures.},
  author={R. Duncan Luce},
  journal={Journal of mathematical psychology},
  volume={45 1},
  • R. Luce
  • Published 1 February 2001
  • Mathematics, Medicine
  • Journal of mathematical psychology
This paper studies several concepts about subgroups of automorphisms of linearly ordered relational structures. In particular, it focuses on conditions that are equivalent to the translations (automorphisms with no fixed points plus the identity) forming a homogeneous, Archimedean ordered group under the asymptotic order. For the automorphisms of an ordered relational structure, these properties are equivalent to the structure having a numerical representation whose scale type lies between, but… 
Scale Type (N, N) and an Order-Based Topology Induced on the Automorphism Group.
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    Journal of mathematical psychology
  • 2000
The automorphism group is shown to be a topological group that acts topologically on the base set A of the structure and on its rank-ordered Cartesian products and the property of local compactness of the automorphic group is derived and related results proved.
On an algebraic definition of laws
Abstract An algebraic definition of laws is formulated, motivated by analyzing points in Euclidean geometry and from considerations of two physical examples, Ohm’s law and Newton’s second law. Simple
Beyond the metrological viewpoint.
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This paper presents various cases where RTM can be said to investigate measurement without providing any measurement procedure, and illustrates some of the questions which the philosophy of measurement can explore, when it is ready to go beyond the metrological viewpoint.
Objective Physiological Measurements but Not Subjective Reports Moderate the Effect of Hunger on Choice Behavior
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This work has presented two ordinal–variables clustering examples, as more challenging variable in analysis, using Wisconsin Breast Cancer Data, and found that by using appropriate clustering algorithm based on the measurement scale of the variables in the study, high performance is granted.
Measurement, Representational Theory of
This article is reproduced from the previous edition, volume 14, pp. 9442–9448, © 2001, Elsevier Ltd.
Scales of Measurement and Choice of Statistical Methods
  • D. W. Zimmerman
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
    International Encyclopedia of Statistical Science
  • 2011


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