Conditioned enhancement of cough response in awake guinea pigs.

  title={Conditioned enhancement of cough response in awake guinea pigs.},
  author={Anabela Pinto and Masaru Yanai and Kiyohisa Sekizawa and Tadaomi Aikawa and Hidetada Sasaki},
  journal={International archives of allergy and immunology},
  volume={108 1},
To determine whether psychological factors affect the cough response, we employed a classical conditioning procedure in which capsaicin challenge was paired with the presentation of an odor in awake guinea pigs. On days 1-4, animals received combined administrations of the unconditioning stimulus, capsaicin aerosols, and the conditioning stimulus, camphor aerosols (group 1), capsaicin and saline aerosols (group 2), and camphor and saline aerosols (group 3), and the number of coughs was counted… CONTINUE READING