• Computer Science
  • Published in ICML 2019

Conditional Independence in Testing Bayesian Networks

  title={Conditional Independence in Testing Bayesian Networks},
  author={Yujia Shen and Haiying Huang and Arthur Choi and Adnan Darwiche},
Proposition 2 Suppose dsepG(X,Z,Y) holds but dsepG(U \ Z,Z,Y) does not hold. We have U \Y = ; by dsepG(X,Z,Y). Moreover, there must exist a path connecting some U 2 U \ Z and Y that is not blocked by Z. If X is on this path, then we have a path connecting X and Y that is not blocked by Z. Otherwise, augmenting this path with the edge X U leads to a path with the same properties. Either case contradicts dsepG(X,Z,Y). ⇤