Conditional Global Existence and Scattering for a Semi-Linear Skyrme Equation with Large Data

  title={Conditional Global Existence and Scattering for a Semi-Linear Skyrme Equation with Large Data},
  author={Andrew Lawrie},
  journal={Communications in Mathematical Physics},
  • A. Lawrie
  • Published 4 November 2013
  • Mathematics
  • Communications in Mathematical Physics
We study a generalization of energy super-critical wave maps due to Adkins and Nappi that can also be viewed as a simplified version of the Skyrme model. These are maps from 1 + 3 dimensional Minkowski space that take values in the 3-sphere, and it follows that every finite energy Adkins–Nappi wave map has a fixed topological degree which is an integer. Here we initiate the study of the large data dynamics for Adkins–Nappi wave maps by proving that there is no type II blow-up in the class of… 
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