Condition Based Maintenance for Intelligent


Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) enables the preemptive maintenance of systems that are subject to incipient faults and is, therefore, an indispensable attribute of robot actuator intelligence. This report provides the background, theory, and proof of concept simulations for a new Decision Making (DM) method facilitating intelligent actuator condition based maintenance; it is called DM/CBM. Legacy condition monitoring methods are founded on the premise that a fault, by definition, is any significant deviation from nominal system behavior. Consequently, legacy systems are often to blame for “false alarms” that arise from system changes that are significant, but do not compromise the system’s ability to meet its task demands. DM/CBM is predicated on the concept of a functional fault—system degradation that endangers current or projected future task execution. In order to do this, DM/CBM utilizes performance envelopes to characterize both actuator

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