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Condensation and thermalization of an easy-plane ferromagnet in a spinor Bose gas

  title={Condensation and thermalization of an easy-plane ferromagnet in a spinor Bose gas},
  author={Maximilian Prufer and Daniel Spitz and Stefan Lannig and Helmut Strobel and J urgen Berges and Markus K. Oberthaler},
The extensive control of spin makes spintronics a promising candidate for future scalable quantum devices [1]. For the generation of spin-superfluid systems [2], a detailed understanding of the build-up of coherence and relaxation is necessary. However, to determine the relevant parameters for robust coherence properties and faithfully witnessing thermalization, the direct access to space- and time-resolved spin observables is needed. Here, we study the thermalization of an easy-plane… 

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