Concurrent chemoradiotherapy (crt) with weekly docetaxel (d) for advanced head and neck cancer.


15516 Background: Concomitant CRT has become a standard treatment for advanced head and neck cancer. The aim of this study was to evaluate the efficacy and toxicity of concurrent CRT with D in patients (pts) with advanced squamous cell carcinoma of head and neck (SCCHN). METHODS Patients with untreated and unresectable stage III or IV (M0) squamous cell carcinoma of head and neck were included. Treatment consisted of D 20 mg/m2 weekly with concomitant radiotherapy 70 Gy (2 Gy per day, 7 weeks). RESULTS From September 03 to October 05, sixty-four pts with advanced SCCHN, were recruited. Gender: 61 male, 3 female. Mean age: 56.5 years old (range 42-77). ECOG PS 0/1/2: 0/57/7. Primary sites of disease: oral cavity 8, oropharynx 26, hypopharynx 15 and larynx 15. Stage III 16 pts and stage IV 48 pts. Compliance: 393 administrations of D were given, median 6, mean 6 (range 1-8). Fifty-five pts (86%) completed the radiotherapy dose planned (mean dose of RT was 66 Gy). One refused more treatment with D after first administration. Nineteen pts required supportive percutaneous gastrostomy or nasogastric tubes previously or during therapy. Grade 2/3/4 toxicity per patient: anemia 4/2/0, mucositis 21/24/0, dermatitis 21/20/0. Neither thrombopenia nor neutropenia were observed. Four pts died of aspiration pneumonia during treatment, one of gastric perforation and two of unknown causes. Fifty-six pts were evaluable for response: CR 28 (44%), PR 23 (36%), SD 2 (3%), PD 3 (5%), with an overall response rate of 80%. Median overall survival was 74.86 weeks (95% CI: 40.40-109.32) and median progression free survival was 48 weeks (95% CI: 18.80-77.20). With a median follow up of 40 weeks 34 pts (53%) were alive and 21 of them (33%) remained free of disease. CONCLUSIONS Concurrent weekly D with conventional radiotherapy showed a high response rate. Toxicity was manageable and allowed maintaining radiotherapy administration. Taking into account poor prognostic factors of our series, survival results seem promising. No significant financial relationships to disclose.

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