Concordance on zebra stripes: a comment on Larison et al. (2015)

  title={Concordance on zebra stripes: a comment on Larison et al. (2015)},
  author={Tim Caro and Theodore Stankowich},
  booktitle={Royal Society open science},
The functional significance of the extraordinary black and white stripes of zebras is still mysterious but now an active field of research. Four major hypotheses have been put forward: stripes are an antipredator defence operating through crypsis [1] or confusion of predators [2], are a means of reinforcing social bonds [3], are defence against ectoparasites [4] or are a means of cooling zebras [5]. Now, in the second multifactorial analysis of striping in zebras to date, Larison et al. [6… CONTINUE READING


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