Concordance among gene-expression-based predictors for breast cancer.

  title={Concordance among gene-expression-based predictors for breast cancer.},
  author={Cheng Fan and Daniel Sunho Oh and Lodewyk Wessels and Britta Weigelt and Dimitry S. A. Nuyten and Andrew B. Nobel and Laura van't Veer and Charles M. Perou},
  journal={The New England journal of medicine},
  volume={355 6},
BACKGROUND Gene-expression-profiling studies of primary breast tumors performed by different laboratories have resulted in the identification of a number of distinct prognostic profiles, or gene sets, with little overlap in terms of gene identity. METHODS To compare the predictions derived from these gene sets for individual samples, we obtained a single data set of 295 samples and applied five gene-expression-based models: intrinsic subtypes, 70-gene profile, wound response, recurrence score… CONTINUE READING
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