Concomitant psychological and cardiac improvement during successful treatment of anorexia nervosa.


A patient with anorexia nervosa in whom concurrent nutritional, psychological, and cardiovascular assessments were obtained sequentially during successful treatment is presented. At the time of diagnosis, severe multisystem dysfunction was present including depression, low self-esteem, hypotension, bradycardia, exercise intolerance, and abnormalities of systolic and diastolic cardiac function. Treatment resulted in weight gain and increased skinfold thickness and arm circumference. There were concomitant improvements in the psychometric indices of depression and self-esteem as well as decreased anorectic tendencies. During her recovery, working capacity increased and diastolic function improved. However, echocardiographic evidence of impaired systolic function persisted. Despite the apparent treatment success in this patient, this report suggests a potential need for further studies to determine the extent, if any, of long-term cardiac sequelae.

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