Concomitant phenytoin therapy doubles the osteogenic and densitometric effect of fluoride therapy in osteoporosis


E T I D R O N A T E V E R S U S S O D I U M F L U O R I D E IN POSTMENOPAUSAL OSTEOPOROSIS, N. Guaf labens 1, J . F a r r e r o n s z, L. Perez-Edo ~, A, Monegal 1, A. R e n a u ~, M. Roea 1, M. Pavea i 4, J . Carbonel l 3, Metabolic Bone Diseases Uni t , Hospi ta l Clinic 1, Serv ice o f In t e rna l Medicine. Hosp. Santa Creu i Sent Pau z. Service of… (More)
DOI: 10.1007/BF02500557


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