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Conclusion : recasting tourism theory towards an Asian future

  title={Conclusion : recasting tourism theory towards an Asian future},
  author={Tim Winter},
Performing tourism: Chinese outbound organized mass tourists on their travels through German tourism stages
Tourism studies have understood tourism as a “Western” phenomenon, which tended to neglect the presence of “non-Western” tourists and to over-generalise the application and universality of theirExpand
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‘Asianizing the field’: questioning Critical Tourism Studies in Asia
  • T. Chang
  • Political Science
  • Tourism Geographies
  • 2019
Abstract The relationship between Critical Tourism Studies (CTS) and Asian tourism research is worthy of research. In particular, the challenges that CTS offers to Asian tourism scholarship and howExpand
Working and Traveling in New Zealand: A Reflective Narrative in the Field
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Introduction to the Special Issue: Emerging Tourisms and Tourism Studies in Southeast Asia
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Tourism Development in Borneo: Comparative Excursions Twenty Years On
Tourism is making an increasingly important contribution to economic development in Borneo and is an important element in government development plans and policies. Nevertheless, it is a relativelyExpand
Encounters and Mobilities: Conceptual Issues in Tourism Studies in Southeast Asia
There have been recent attempts to advance research in tourism studies and to redefine the rationale and focus of this field of study. Erik Cohen and Scott A. Cohen have published important andExpand
The field of tourism studies has generated the same kinds of issues and problems as other multidisciplinary fields of study including area studies. This paper reflects on the progress of tourismExpand