Concluding remarks of Autonomous Biological Systems (ABS) experiments.

  title={Concluding remarks of Autonomous Biological Systems (ABS) experiments.},
  author={Yasuhiko Ishikawa and Kensei Kobayashi and H. Mizutani and Yasushi Kawasaki and J. Koike and Kenichi Ijiri and Masamichi Yamashita and Konosuke Sugiura and J. G. Poynter and Taber Maccallum and Gary Anderson},
  journal={Uchu Seibutsu Kagaku},
  volume={12 4},
Team efforts for analysis on the Autonomous Biological Systems (ABS) space experiments are summarized here to conclude scientific findings, and to scope the extended studies in future. From the three experiments on Space Shuttle and Space Station Mir, a closed ecological system modeled by the ABS was verified to be capable of sustaining its members of animals and plants under space environment for a period of several months. The animals successfully completed their life cycle in space during… CONTINUE READING

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