Concise asymmetric synthesis of (-)-deoxoprosophylline

  title={Concise asymmetric synthesis of (-)-deoxoprosophylline},
  author={Ru-Cheng Liu and Jin-Hu Wei and Bang-Guo Wei and Guo-Qiang Lin},
Abstract An efficient asymmetric synthesis of the 2-hydroxymethyl 3,6-disubstituted piperidine alkaloid, (−)-deoxoprosophylline, is described. The key step of this route is the SmI 2 -mediated cross-coupling of chiral N-tert -butanesulfinyl imine 9 with aldehyde 11 to construct hydroxymethyl-β-amino alcohol 12b in 83% yield and high diastereoselectivity (>99%, de). 
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