Concinnity: A Generic Platform for Big Sensor Data Applications


The drive toward smart cities alongside the increasing adoption of personal sensors is leading to big sensor data, which is so large and complex that traditional methods for utilizing it are inadequate. Although systems exist for storing and managing large-scale sensor data, the real value of such data are the insights it could enable. However, no current platforms enable sensor data to be taken from collection through use in models to produce useful data products. This article explores key challenges and introduces the Concinnity sensor data platform. Concinnity takes sensor data from collection to final product via a cloud-based data repository and easy-to-use workflow system. It supports rapid development of applications built on sensor data using data fusion and the integration and composition of models to form novel workflows. These key features enable value to be efficiently derived from sensor data.

DOI: 10.1109/MCC.2014.33

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@article{Wu2014ConcinnityAG, title={Concinnity: A Generic Platform for Big Sensor Data Applications}, author={Chao Wu and David Birch and Dilshan Silva and Chun-Hsiang Lee and Orestis Tsinalis and Yike Guo}, journal={IEEE Cloud Computing}, year={2014}, volume={1}, pages={42-50} }