Concessum est rhetoribus ementiri. Quattro esempi di come nasce un tema declamatorio

  title={Concessum est rhetoribus ementiri. Quattro esempi di come nasce un tema declamatorio},
  author={Mario Lentano},
Where do themes come from in Roman declamation? In most cases this is a question with no answer; sometimes, however, we are able to find out the origin of the argumenta treated by Latin rhetoricians. That is what happens about Seneca the Elder’s Controversiae 6, 7 and 7, 2 and pseudo-Quintilian’s Major Declamations 1 and 2. The contribution aims to investigate the relation between these themes and their (literary as well as rhetoric) sources, in order to understand how Roman rhetores worked on… Expand


"Gender, domesticity, and the age of Augustus : inventing private life", Kristina Milnor, Oxford 2008 : [recenzja] / Agnieszka Dziuba.
Introduction 1. Reading and Writing Gender on the Augustan Palatine 2. Other Men's Wives: Domesticity and Display in Vitruvius' 'De Architectura' 3. Women, History, and the Law 4. DomesticExpand
Color-Blindness: Cicero's Death, Declamation, and the Production of History
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