Concerinng the Mongolian Fleck on Nursing Infants of Hokkaido Ainu.

  title={Concerinng the Mongolian Fleck on Nursing Infants of Hokkaido Ainu.},
  author={Zenjuro Inoue and Kunio Minamiura and Yoshimi Nakojima and Toshio Murayama},
Among Japnaese the high rate of 9603% show the-Mongolian-Fleck This fleck has been. considered as-characteristic solely of the Mongolian race, and it has-therefore been calle M ngolian Fieck Upon furhur study it has been found among other races. Now it isc onsidered not as characteristic to any one race, but as appearing in all races to a larger or smaller percent.The authors having been delegated to investigate the Mongolian Fleck among Ainu, by the Nihon Gakujitsu Shinko. Kai, (Japan Society… 

What Is a Mongolian Spot?

  • I. Kikuchi
  • Medicine
    International journal of dermatology
  • 1982
Though dermal melanocytosis appears to be another appropriate term for this condition, Mongolian spot will be used in this commentary in memory of Dr. Baelz, a respected physician in Japan's medical history.