Conceptualizing international labor migration: a structuration perspective.


"This article applies the theory of structuration to international labor migration using case study material from the Philippines. It first provides a brief review of the functional and structural approaches to understanding labor migration and the theoretical impasse that has been created between them. It then reviews several attempts to resolve this impasse, including systems and networks approaches; these solutions are rejected on theoretical and empirical grounds. We suggest that migrant institutions may be a more appropriate mid-level concept than households or social networks to articulate various levels of analysis. We develop this concept in the context of the structuration theory of Anthony Giddens and attempt to apply this to the Philippines, concluding that this framework is eminently suited for further research on international labor migration."


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@article{Goss1995ConceptualizingIL, title={Conceptualizing international labor migration: a structuration perspective.}, author={Jennifer D Goss and Benjamin Lindquist}, journal={The International migration review}, year={1995}, volume={29 2}, pages={317-51} }