Conceptual unification of elementary particles, black holes, quantum de Sitter and Anti de Sitter string states

  title={Conceptual unification of elementary particles, black holes, quantum de Sitter and Anti de Sitter string states},
  author={Norma G. S{\'a}nchez},
  journal={International Journal of Modern Physics A},
  • N. Sánchez
  • Published 1 December 2003
  • Physics
  • International Journal of Modern Physics A
We provide a conceptual unified description of the quantum properties of black holes (BH), elementary particles, de Sitter (dS) and Anti-de Sitter (AdS) string states.The conducting line of argument is the classical–quantum (de Broglie, Compton) duality here extended to the quantum gravity (string) regime (wave–particle–string duality). The semiclassical (QFT) and quantum (string) gravity regimes are respectively characterized and related: sizes, masses, accelerations and temperatures. The… Expand
Semiclassical and Quantum Black Holes and their Evaporation, de Sitter and Anti-de Sitter Regimes, Gravitational and String Phase Transitions
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Self-gravitating phase transitions: Point particles, black holes and strings
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We compute the quantum string entropy Ss(m, H) from the microscopic string density of states ρs(m, H) of mass m in Anti-de Sitter space–time. For high m, (high Hm → c/α′), no phase transition occursExpand
Semiclassical (quantum Field Theory) and Quantum (string) de Sitter Regimes:. New Results
We compute the quantum string entropy Ss(m, H) from the microscopic string density of states ρs(m, H) of mass m in de Sitter space–time. We find for high m (high Hm → c/α') a new phase transition atExpand
New quantum phase of the Universe before inflation and its cosmological and dark energy implications
  • N. Sánchez
  • Physics
  • International Journal of Modern Physics A
  • 2019
The physical history of the Universe is completed by including the quantum Planckian and trans-Planckian phase before inflation in the Standard Model of the Universe in agreement with observations.Expand
We study the SL(2,R) WZWN string model describing bosonic string theory in AdS3 spacetime as a deformed oscillator together with its mass spectrum and the string modified SL(2,R) uncertaintyExpand
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New Quantum Structure of Space-Time
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Quantum string dynamics in the conformal invariant SL(2,R) WZWN background: Anti-de Sitter space with torsion
We consider classical and quantum strings in the conformally invariant background corresponding to the SL(2,R) WZWN model. This background is locally anti-de Sitter spacetime with non-vanishingExpand
Mass spectrum of strings in anti-de Sitter spacetime.
  • Larsen, Sánchez
  • Physics, Medicine
  • Physical review. D, Particles and fields
  • 1995
The mass formula is found which is also well behaved in all regimes, and the mass spectrum is equal to themass spectrum in flat Minkowski space. Expand
Back reaction of strings in self-consistent string cosmology.
The back reaction effect of these strings on the spacetime is found and the self-consistent solution to the Einstein equations for string dominated universes exhibits the realistic matter dominated behaviour R ~ (X0)2/(D-1) for large times and the radiationdominated behaviour R~ (X 0)2/D for early times. Expand
String theory in curved space times : a collaborative research report
String theory in cosmological spacetimes, H.J. de Vega, N. Sanchez evolution of a string network in backgrounds with rolling horizons, M. Gasperini et al particle transmutation and fermion numberExpand
Thermodynamics of black holes in anti-de Sitter space
The Einstein equations with a negative cosmological constant admit black hole solutions which are asymptotic to anti-de Sitter space. Like black holes in asymptotically flat space, these solutionsExpand
Decay rates of unstable particles and the extreme energy cosmic rays top down scenarios
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Hawking radiation in string theory and the string phase of black holes
The quantum string emission by black holes is computed in the framework of the ``string analog model'' (or thermodynamical approach), which is well suited to combine quantum-field theory (QFT) andExpand
Semiclassical quantization of circular strings in de Sitter and anti-de Sitter spacetimes.
The semiclassical quantization of {ital exact} (circular) strings and the canonical quantification of generic string perturbations around the string center of mass qualitatively agree. Expand
Quantum Fields in Curved Space
This book presents a comprehensive review of the subject of gravitational effects in quantum field theory. Although the treatment is general, special emphasis is given to the Hawking black holeExpand