Conceptual approaches to acculturation.

  title={Conceptual approaches to acculturation.},
  author={John W. Berry},
Social capital and acculturation expectations of host population: mediative role of perceived threat
Background. Russia ranks fourth in the World in terms of the influx of migrants (of which 12 million currently live within the country). At the same time, the factors accompanying the process of
Acculturation and Self-rated Health Among Asian Immigrants: The Role of Gender and Age
Using the 2002–2003 National Latino and Asian American Study (NLAAS), we examine the relationship between acculturation and poor-to-fair self-rated health (SRH) among Asian immigrants ( N  = 1639).
Valoriser la diversité linguistique à l’école : un outil pour favoriser le vivre-ensemble ?
Le present rapport de recherche concerne un mandat attribue par le Bureau de l’integration des etrangers (BIE) a l’Equipe de Recherche en Dimensions Internationales de l’Education (ERDIE) de
Educating invisibly: Immigrant teachers of color and their sense of belonging in New Jersey public schools
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Romanian Wine Styles : A Study of the Romanian Wine Industry Through the Lens of Cultural Capital and Acculturation Theories
-Findings: Romanian wine companies are producing a range of distinct wine styles for domestic and international markets, from wines made with native varietals or noble varietals to blended wines and
Interethnic relations between Italians and Moroccans : it takes two to tango
Over the past decades, the pronounced increase of international migration has led many nations to confront themselves with the pressing issue of how to ameliorate and make more harmonious the
Theme Overview: Rural Wealth Creation
Promoting rural wealth creation in the United States is a high priority of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and of a growing number of rural development organizations. Secretary Vilsack


Cross-Cultural Psychology: Research and Applications
Cross-Cultural Psychology is a leading textbook offering senior undergraduate and graduate students a thorough and balanced overview of the whole field of cross-cultural psychology. The team of
Psychological Acculturation in a Tri-Ethnic Community
  • T. Graves
  • Psychology
    Southwestern Journal of Anthropology
  • 1967
IN A RECENT PAPER BY GOODENOUGH (1964), a distinction is made between the "phenomenal order" of observable events and their regularities, and the "ideational order," or the beliefs, attitudes, and
Acculturation Rating Scale for Mexican Americans-II: A Revision of the Original ARSMA Scale
The Acculturation Rating Scale for Mexican Americans (ARSMA) was revised for the purpose of developing an instrument that assessed acculturation processes through an orthogonal, multidimensional
Toward a more Complex Understanding of Acculturation and Adjustment
This study examined possible links between acculturation and adjustment in 182 Vietnamese youths living in a primarily Anglo-American community. Extending past work, the present research employed a