Conceptual Frameworks and Methods for Advancing Invasion Ecology

  title={Conceptual Frameworks and Methods for Advancing Invasion Ecology},
  author={Tina Heger and Anna T. Pahl and Zolt{\'a}n Botta-Duk{\'a}t and Francesca Gherardi and Christina Hoppe and Ivan Hoste and Kurt Jax and Leena Lindstr{\"o}m and Pieter Boets and Sylvia Haider and Johannes Kollmann and Meike J. Wittmann and Jonathan M. Jeschke},
Invasion ecology has much advanced since its early beginnings. Nevertheless, explanation, prediction, and management of biological invasions remain difficult. We argue that progress in invasion research can be accelerated by, first, pointing out difficulties this field is currently facing and, second, looking for measures to overcome them. We see basic and… CONTINUE READING