Conceptual Design of the ICRH and LHCD Systems for FT-3

  title={Conceptual Design of the ICRH and LHCD Systems for FT-3},
  author={Francesco Mirizzi and Alessandro Cardinali and Riccardo Maggiora and Luca Panaccione and G. L. Ravera and A. A. Tuccillo},
  journal={2007 IEEE 22nd Symposium on Fusion Engineering},
A conceptual design of a new tokamak has been elaborated by the Fusion Department of ENEA (Frascati, Italy). The machine, so far called FT-3, aims to study burning plasmas and to prepare ITER scenarios thus hoping to be approved to be part of the accompanying program. FT-3 could start operations by the end of the ITER construction. It will be able of high plasma performance in a dimensionless parameter range close to that of ITER with pulse length long enough to address steady state physics. FT… CONTINUE READING