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Conceptual Design Methods for Game Sound

  title={Conceptual Design Methods for Game Sound},
  author={Mehmet Uzer},
Existing game audio literature covers a plentitude of topics including practical areas such as production techniques, as well as theoretical areas such as terminology and taxonomy. However, these studies can still be considered somewhat limited in quantity and variety, since games are an academically young field, and game audio is even a smaller niche. In response to this scarcity, this study aims to provide a contribution to game audio studies, specifically aiming at exploring the sound effect… 


A Combined Model for the Structuring of Computer Game Audio
This chapter presents a model for the structuring of computer game audio building on the IEZA-framework, Murch’s (1998) conceptual models for the production of film sound, and the affordance theory put forth by Gibson (1977/1986) to plan the audio layering of computer games.
An Acoustic Communication Framework for Game Sound: Fidelity, Verisimilitude, Ecology
The IEZA framework, which builds on several existing design guideline systems for game sound, is beginning to pave the way for more in-depth explorations into understanding, analyzing and representing the role of sound in games.
Sound for Fantasy and Freedom
Sound is an integral part of our everyday lives. Sound tells us about physical events in the environ- ment, and we use our voices to share ideas and emotions through sound. When navigating the world
Sound is not a simulation : methodologies for examining the experience of soundscapes
In order to design a computer game soundscape that allows a game player to feel immersed in their virtual world, we must understand how we navigate and understand the real world soundscape. In this
Time for New Terminology? Diegetic and Non-Diegetic Sounds in Computer Games Revisited
Using diegetic and non-diegetic terms in computer games is confusing and at best inaccurate.
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