Concepts of lower semicontinuity and continuous selections for convex valued multifunctions

  title={Concepts of lower semicontinuity and continuous selections for convex valued multifunctions},
  author={Krzysztof Przeławski and Longin E. Rybiński},
  journal={Journal of Approximation Theory},
Lower Semicontinuity Concepts, Continuous Selections, and Set Valued Metric Projections
A number of semicontinuity concepts and the relations between them are discussed and geometric characterization is given of those normed linear spaces X such that the metric projection onto every one-dimensional subspace has a continuous C"0(T) and L"1(@m).
Continuous Selections for Multivalued Mappings with Closed Convex Images and Applications
Some existence theorems of continuous selections for multivalued mappings with closed convex images are proved. As some simple applications, we give some results on fixed points and differential
Michael Selection Problem in Hyperconvex Metric Spaces
In the present paper, the Michael selection problem is researched in hyperconvex metric spaces. Our results show that the answer is “yes” for hyperconvex metric spaces and that the lower
Sharp finiteness principles for Lipschitz selections: long version
Let $({\mathcal M},\rho)$ be a metric space and let $Y$ be a Banach space. Given a positive integer $m$, let $F$ be a set-valued mapping from ${\mathcal M}$ into the family of all compact convex
Michael's Selection Theorem under an Assumption Weaker than Lower Semicontinuous in H-spaces
A new continuous selection theorem is proved which unifies and generalizes some known results.
Bicommutants of multiplication operators
We consider the well-known problem: when does an analogue of von Neumann Double Commutant Theorem hold for a multiplication operator on a Banach space of functions? We get an affirmative answer to
On the core of a low dimensional set-valued mapping
LetM = (M, ρ) be a metric space and let X be a Banach space. Let F be a setvalued mapping fromM into the family Km(X) of all compact convex subsets of X of dimension at most m. The main result in our


Convex analysis and measurable multifunctions
Convex functions.- Hausdorff distance and Hausdorff uniformity.- Measurable multifunctions.- Topological property of the profile of a measurable multifunction with compact convex values.- Compactness
Continuous selections for weakly Hausdorff lower semicontinuous multifunctions
The existence of continuous selections is proved for a class of weakly Hausdorff lower semicontinuous multifunctions. 1. Let X be a topological space and let Y be a normed space with norm Let 2y be
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Some recent results of Namioka on strong continuity of weakly continuous mappings (in a dense G3 set) and results of R. E. Johnson on norm separability of the range of such mappings (under conditions
Continuous Selections and Approximate Selection for Set-Valued Mappings and Applications to Metric Projections
Two new continuity properties for set-valued mappings are defined which are weaker than lower semicontinuity. One of these properties characterizes when approximate selections exist. A few selection