Concepts of Philosophy

  title={Concepts of Philosophy},
  author={Werner Schneiders and Knud Haakonssen},
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La crítica de los prejuicios en la Ilustración alemana y su recepción en la obra de Kant
The controversy over prejudices is a distinctive feature of the German Enlightenment. The article addresses some historical aspects of this controversy that are useful to shed light on Kant'sExpand
The Best of All Possible Worlds? Leibniz's Optimism and its Critics 1710 - 1755
s (German and English) 4 Acknowledgments 5 Introduction 6 1. The Theodicy and Leibniz’s Philosophical Optimism 9 § 1. Philosophical optimism: the system of the best and the nature and sense of evilExpand
The Dustbin of the Republic of Letters: Pierre Bayle’s “Dictionaire” as an encyclopedic palimpsest of errors
Pierre Bayle's Dictionnaire Historique et Critique, a landmark in intellectual history, is a curious text. Originally intended as a collection of all errors, it became an encyclopedia of everything,Expand


Essay on the Nature and Principles of Taste 1790
  • A. Alison
  • Psychology, Philosophy
  • Eighteenth-Century British Aesthetics
  • 2019
Essays on the History of Mankind in Rude and Cultivated Ages
In contrasting manners and customs in "barbarous" and "civilized" societies, the Aberdonian academic James Dunbar (1742-1798) engaged in one of the principal debates of the Scottish Engligtenment.Expand
Dictionary of Eighteenth-century British Philosophers
This is a comprehensive reference source on 18th-century authors writing in the English language about philosophical ideas and issues. It features authors taken from 1689 through to the mid-19thExpand