Concepts and forms of greenwashing: a systematic review

  title={Concepts and forms of greenwashing: a systematic review},
  author={Sebasti{\~a}o Vieira de Freitas Netto and Marcos Felipe Falc{\~a}o Sobral and Ana Ribeiro and Gleibson Robert da Luz Soares},
  journal={Environmental Sciences Europe},
Background The aggravation of environmental problems has led companies to seek the development and commercialization of green products. Some companies mislead their stakeholders through a phenomenon called greenwashing. Results This paper aims to explore the phenomenon of greenwashing through a systematic literature review in search of its main concepts and typologies in the past 10 years. This research has followed the proceedings of a systematic review of the literature, based on the… 
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In present China with incremental environmental problems after biochemical and other pollutions, many companies create many green brands to enhance their competitive advantage. However, many
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