Conception of Biologic System: Basis Functional Elements and Metric Properties

  title={Conception of Biologic System: Basis Functional Elements and Metric Properties},
  author={Garri Davydyan},
  journal={Journal of Complex Systems},
  • G. Davydyan
  • Published 29 April 2014
  • Mathematics
  • Journal of Complex Systems
A notion of biologic system or just a system implies a functional wholeness of comprising system components. Positive and negative feedback are the examples of how the idea to unite anatomical elements in the whole functional structure was successfully used in practice to explain regulatory mechanisms in biology and medicine. There are numerous examples of functional and metabolic pathways which are not regulated by feedback loops and have a structure of reciprocal relationships. Expressed in… 
Carcinogenesis: alterations in reciprocal interactions of normal functional structure of biologic systems
  • G. Davydyan
  • Biology
    EURASIP J. Bioinform. Syst. Biol.
  • 2015
The structure and specific role of basis elements comprising four-dimensional linear space of split quaternions help to understand what changes in mechanism of cell differentiation may lead to cancer development.
Feedback patterns in simulating intestinal wall motions: interdisciplinary approach to the motility mechanisms
Qualitative analysis of dynamical models using myogenic active property of smooth muscles has shown well agreement with physiologic data, and it was shown that besides negative feedback, other functional patterns, namely positive feedback and reciprocal links are involved in regulations of filling-emptying cycle.
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Theory of Functional Systems and Human General Pathology
These theses broaden the application of the theory of functional systems as the fundamental basis for studies of informational mechanisms of vital activity under normal and pathological conditions.
Positive and negative feedback: striking a balance between necessary antagonists.
This article gives a demonstration based on degree theory for vector fields of the conjecture, made by RenΓ© Thomas, that the presence of positive feedback circuits is a necessary condition for autonomous differential systems, covering a wide class of biologically relevant systems, to possess multiple steady states.
A principle of natural self-organization
An analysis of experimental data regarding RNA and DNA replication at various levels of organization reveals, that a sufficient amount of information for the build up of a translation machinery can be gained only via integration of several different replicative units (or reproductive cycles) through functional linkages.
The combination of positive and negative feedback loops confers exquisite flexibility to biochemical switches.
A canonical model of a protein–protein interaction network is formulated and the dynamics of a prototypical two-component circuit are analyzed to suggest an efficient mechanism by which positive and negative feedback loops cooperate to drive the flexible and multifaceted switching behaviors arising in biological systems.
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Geometrical Methods of Mathematical Physics
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Ultra short-loop feedback control of thyrotropin secretion.
The thyrotropin receptor (TSHR) is found on folliculo-stellate cells in the pituitary, which are known to influence the neighboring endocrine cells, and is thought to be responsible for the frequently observed suppressed TSH levels in patients with Graves' disease who are otherwise euthyroid.
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