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Concept Study of a Compact, High Gradient X-band Travelling Wave RF Photogun with Novel Laser Coupling Scheme

  title={Concept Study of a Compact, High Gradient X-band Travelling Wave RF Photogun with Novel Laser Coupling Scheme},
  author={Thomas Geoffrey Lucas and Peter H. A. Mutsaers and Jom Luiten},
  journal={arXiv: Accelerator Physics},
This paper presents the design of a travelling wave RF photogun operating at the European X-band frequency of 11.994 GHz. The design is based on a CLIC prototype structure milled from copper halves and uses the unique gap introduced in the geometry to couple in the laser without obstructing the outgoing electron beam. With a modest peak input power of 19 MW and a fill time of 48 ns, the gun has the ability to operate at very high RF pulse repetition rates in comparison to standing wave RF… 



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Design, fabrication, and high-gradient testing of an X -band, traveling-wave accelerating structure milled from copper halves

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