Concentration of rhenium and other rare metals in gases of the Kudryavy Volcano (Iturup Island, Kurile Islands)

  title={Concentration of rhenium and other rare metals in gases of the Kudryavy Volcano (Iturup Island, Kurile Islands)},
  author={A. A. Kremenetsky and Ilya V. Chaplygin},
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Geochemical Characteristics of Volcanogenic Deposits and Exhalation Mineralization in the Crater Part of the Active Kudryavy Volcano (Iturup Island of the Kuril Arc)
Abstract Exhalation ore mineralization is developing in the crater part of the active Kudryavy volcano. Lithogeochemical sampling results have revealed that Re, Au, Ag, As, Bi, Cd, Cu, Ge, In, Mo,
Zirconium gallocyanin MS complex as a highly selective reagent for the spectophotometric determination of fluoride
Abstract A new photometric procedure for the determination of fluoride ion based on its destruction of zirconium-gallocyanin MS complex is described. The method exhibits great selectivity towards
Rhenium enrichment in the northwest Pacific arc
Abstract Rhenium (Re) is one of the least abundant elements in the silicate Earth. However, independent rhenium sulfide was reported in the Usu and Kudryavy volcanos, namely rheniite (ReS2, 74.5 wt%
Speciation and toxicity of rhenium salts, organometallics and coordination complexes
Abstract Although rhenium (Re) is a rare element, it is an economically important one due to its use as a catalyst in the chemical preparation of gasoline and in technologically vital alloys. While
Noble metals in ferromanganese crusts from marginal seas of the Northwest Pacific
Based on data on the concentration of noble metals (Au, Ag, Pt, Os, Ir, and Ru) in bulk samples of ferromanganese crusts, the presence of inclusions of micro- and nanosized grains of Ag, Au, Pd, and
Mineral resources of high-tech metals in Russia: State of the art and outlook
Seven main ore-forming systems—porphyry and epithermal; orogenic related to granitic intrusions; magmatic ultramafic; volcanic-hosted massive sulfide and volcanic–sedimentary; sedimentary basins;
Chemical composition and metal capacity of magmatic gases of Gorelyi volcano, Kamchatka
The high-temperature (865°C according to data of an IR-camera) gases and the crater lake water of Gorelyi volcano were sampled in September 2011. The gas and condensate were collected from the active
Valorização de recursos minerais: contribuição do projecto MinReMol para uma recuperação sustentável do rénio a partir de resíduos mineiros Valorisation of mineral resources: contributions of MinReMol project to a sustainable rhenium recovery from mining residues
Despite being a very scarce element, the remarkable physical and chemical properties of rhenium render it a highly demanded commodity for advanced applications in important industrial fields,
Abundances and sources of rare-earth elements in the modern volcanogenic hydrothermal systems of Kamchatka
Sources of modern hydrothermal systems are considered on the basis of high-precision REE data on representative samples of characteristic hydrochemical types of hydrothermal systems of the Eastern


Behavior of highly-siderophile elements during magma degassing: A case study at the Kudryavy volcano
Abstract The capacity of natural vapor phase to transport metallic elements is not unambiguously established relative to that of a liquid hydrothermal phase. We measured highly-siderophile element
A new method for sampling fumarolic gases: Analysis of major, minor and metallic trace elements with ammonia solutions
Abstract A new method using ammonia solutions in pre-evacuated quartz bottles has been experimented for volcanic gas sampling and analysing. Various tests (reproducibility, variability and comparison
Determination of trace and platinum-group elements in high ionic-strength volcanic fluids by sector-field inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS)
The accurate measurement of ultra-trace concentrations of rare metals and platinum group elements in volcanic fluids is complicated by interferences, complex matrices, and preferential element
Geochemistry of magmatic gases from Kudryavy volcano, Iturup, Kuril Islands
Volcanic vapors were collected during 1990–1993 from the summit crater of Kudryavy, a basaltic andesite volcano on Iturup island in the Kuril arc. The highest temperature (700–940°C) fumarolic
Discovery of a pure rhenium mineral at Kudriavy volcano
KUDRIAVY volcano on Iturup island in the Kuril arc is an active calc-alkaline volcano. It has not erupted this century; its current volcanic activity is characterized by hot (up to 910oC) gas jets
Observation of the continental crust through drilling II : proceedings of the international symposium held in Seeheim, 3-6 October, 1985
Opening Remarks.- Welcoming at the "2nd International Symposium on Observation of the Continental Crust through Drilling" on October 4, 1985, in Seeheim E. Seibold.- Opening Speech of the 2nd