Concentration of 226Ra in human teeth.

  title={Concentration of 226Ra in human teeth.},
  author={Masayoshi Yamamoto and M Hinoide and Yasunari Ohkubo and Katsunori Ueno},
  journal={Health physics},
  volume={67 5},
226Ra concentrations in human teeth from several cities, mainly Tokyo, Japan, were determined with emphasis on the measurement of low-level 226Ra by alpha-ray spectrometry following chemical separation. No appreciable differences in 226Ra concentration were found among various permanent teeth samples of different age groups in Tokyo. The mean 226Ra concentration for Tokyo was 0.51 +/- 0.06 mBq (g Ca)-1. 226Ra concentration [mean: 0.67 +/- 0.11 mBq (g Ca)-1] in teeth in western regions of the… CONTINUE READING