Concentration-dependent effects of salicylaldoxime on chloroplast reactions.

  title={Concentration-dependent effects of salicylaldoxime on chloroplast reactions.},
  author={Steven P. Berg and S Izawa},
  journal={Biochimica et biophysica acta},
  volume={440 3},
Salicylaldoxime has been found to have a variety of concentration-dependent effects on chloroplast activities. At low concentrations (less than 10 mM), salicyladoxime reversibly inhibits all reactions which involve Photosystem II. Since the DCMU-insensitive silicomolybdate Hill reaction is also inhibited, one site of inhibition is definitely located before the DCMU-sensitive site, possibly before the photoact. The inhibition kinetics and the response of chloroplast fluorescence may indicate… CONTINUE READING