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Concealed Weapon Detection with Active and Passive Millimeterwave Sensors , Two Approaches

  title={Concealed Weapon Detection with Active and Passive Millimeterwave Sensors , Two Approaches},
  author={Helmut Essen and Hans-Hellmuth Fuchs and Manfred Ḧagelen and Stephan Stanko and Denis N̈otel and Sreenivas Erukulla and Johann Huck and Michael Schlechtweg and Axel Tessmann},
The increasing interest in the security of public spaces leads to a demand for sensor technology beyond metal detectors. Two different approaches of concealed weapon detection using millimeter wave systems are presented in this paper. The design of a passive radiometric sensor in the W-band is presented. On the active side, an FMCW radar system at 94 GHz is introduced for the scanning of persons. The resulting images are shown which enable a first comparison of both approaches. 
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  • 2006