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Concealed Weapon Detection Using Millimeter Wave Technology and Image Fusion Algorithm

  title={Concealed Weapon Detection Using Millimeter Wave Technology and Image Fusion Algorithm},
  author={Vinkar Rao Dongre and Mahesh Prasad Parsai},
We have recently witnessed the bomb blast in Jammu which killed and left many injured, left the world in shell shock and Indians in terror. This situation is not limited in India but it can happen anywhere and an time in the world. The detection of weapon concealed underneath a person’s clothing is an important obstacle to the improvement of security of the general public as well as safety of public asset like airport, railway station and building. It is desirable to detect concealed weapon… 

Concealed weapon detection from images using SIFT and SURF

  • Amanjeet KaurL. Kaur
  • Computer Science
    2016 Online International Conference on Green Engineering and Technologies (IC-GET)
  • 2016
Proposed method for feature extraction from images to detect weapons especially different shapes of guns to ensure the safety of individuals at the public places like airports, railways and sensitive buildings etc.

Smart Surveillence Robot for Weapon Detection

This work presents a novel smart surveillance system which consists of a robot that is used for streaming live videos and can be remotely controlled through the use of Raspberry-pi which controls the robot streaming the live video and artificial neural network trained to determine the presence of a threat.



Millimeter-wave weapons detection system

The particular novelty of this technical solution for concealed weapons detection at a distance lies in the use of millimeter-wave (mm-wave) signals over a wide frequency band to excite natural resonances in the weapon and create a unique spectral signature that can be used to characterize the object.


This paper aims at providing an automatic method for detecting concealed weapons, typically a gun in the baggage by employing image segmentation method to extract the objects of interest from the image followed by applying feature extraction methods namely Shape context descriptor and Zernike moments.

Development of UWB microwave array radar for concealed weapon detection

This paper describes two approaches to short-range microwave imaging by means of ultra-wideband (UWB) technology. The first approach deals with synthetic aperture radar (SAR) that employs a

Fusion of visual and IR images for concealed weapon detection

  • Z. XueRick S. BlumY. Li
  • Computer Science
    Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Information Fusion. FUSION 2002. (IEEE Cat.No.02EX5997)
  • 2002
A large set of existing image fusion algorithms are identified and their performance is compared for the CWD application using quantitative and qualitative measures.

A New Algorithm for Millimeter-Wave Imaging Processing

A new image algorithm combining Projection onto Convex Sets algorithm (POCS) and nonlinear extrapolation algorithm for improving millimeter-wave images is proposed and the experimental results show it is efficient.

A Sparse Aperture MIMO-SAR-Based UWB Imaging System for Concealed Weapon Detection

A high-resolution imaging system based on the combination of ultrawideband transmission, multiple-input-multiple-output (MIMO) array, and synthetic aperture radar (SAR) is suggested and studied, showing a strong potential of the MIMO-SAR-based UWB system for security applications.

Multi-resolution image fusion technique and its application to forensic science.

Enhanced image capture through fusion

The authors present an extension to the pyramid approach to image fusion that provides greater shift invariance and immunity to video noise, and provides at least a partial solution to the problem of combining components that have roughly equal salience but opposite contrasts.

Image fusion by using steerable pyramid

A general framework for multiresolution image fusion: from pixels to regions

  • G. Piella
  • Computer Science, Environmental Science
    Inf. Fusion
  • 2003