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Concave/convex switchable lens using active phase-change material Ge3Sb2Te6

  title={Concave/convex switchable lens using active phase-change material Ge3Sb2Te6},
  author={Xueliang Shi and Juan Liu and Gaolei Xue and Wei-Jei Peng and Bin Hu and Yongtian Wang},
  journal={arXiv: Optics},
Normally, the focal length of a conventional lens is fixed. Scientists have made much effort in modulating it into bifocal, which is very important for virtual reality (VR) and argument reality (AR) 3D display. It is even much more difficult for a lens to realize both convex and concave functions with one geometric structure, that is, a concave/convex switchable lens, which can tune 3D real-images and virtual-images in AR and VR, corresponding to long depth of view in 3D display. Based on the…