Concatenation of space-time block codes and multilevel coding over Rayleigh fading channels

  title={Concatenation of space-time block codes and multilevel coding over Rayleigh fading channels},
  author={Dongfeng Yuan and Feng Zhang and Ai-Fen So and Zuo-Wei Li},
  booktitle={VTC Fall},
Space-time block codes (STBC) are designed to achieve the maximum possible diversity benefit. However, STBC needs to be concatenated with an outer code which provides a significant coding gain. Based on Capacity Rule and Multilevel CodeslMulti-stage Decoding (MLCIMSD) system, this paper presents three concatenation schemes of STBC and MLCIMSD. Punctured convolutional codes are selected as component codes according to Capacity Rule. Performances of different hard and soft concatenation schemes… CONTINUE READING
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