Concatenated dynamical decoupling with virtual pulses

  title={Concatenated dynamical decoupling with virtual pulses},
  author={Gonzalo A. Alvarez and Alexandre M. Souza and Dieter Suter},
The loss of quantum information due to interaction with external degrees of freedom, which is known as decoherence, remains one of the main obstacles for large-scale implementations of quantum computing. Accordingly, different measures are being explored for reducing its effect. One of them is dynamical decoupling (DD) which offers a practical solution because it only requires the application of control pulses to the system qubits. Starting from basic DD sequences, more sophisticated schemes… Expand
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Process tomography of robust dynamical decoupling with superconducting qubits
It is shown that dynamical decoupling can reduce qubit dephasing but cannot protect against spontaneous emission, and that the performance of dynamicalDecoupling on the Rigetti's qubits is limited by pulse imperfections, however, the performance can be improved using robust dynamicaldecoupling, i.e. sequences that are robust against experimental imperfections. Expand