Conalbumin: a rapid, high-yield preparation from egg white.

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On hen egg fractionation: applications of liquid chromatography to the isolation and the purification of hen egg white and egg yolk proteins
  • A. Awade
  • Chemistry, Medicine
    Zeitschrift fur Lebensmittel-Untersuchung und -Forschung
  • 1996
Egg white has been fractionated more often by liquid chromatography than has egg yolk, and reversed-phase chromatography is the recommended method for egg white analysis.
Immunochemical Reactions of Conalbumin and its Metal Complexes
This method has been successfully used to demonstrate possible conformational and configurational changes in the protein molecule as a result of its interaction with small molecules and prosthetic groups.
Concerning the Proposed Existence of a One-iron–Protein Species of Conalbumin or Siderophilin
The nature of the proposed “one-iron–one-protein” species is investigated to find out whether the two iron-binding sites show positive interaction leading to all-or-none binding of iron, or show equal and independent behaviour.
Development of the Purification Method of Ovotransferrin in Egg White
Heparin affinity chromatography with ferricion saturated column was resulted in the best separation of ovotransferrin rather than separation by gelchromatography and ferrous ion saturated heparin affinity chromation.
Reactivity of rat and man to egg-white.
  • S. Ankier
  • Biology
    Progress in drug research. Fortschritte der Arzneimittelforschung. Progres des recherches pharmaceutiques
  • 1969
Experimental investigations into the basic mechanisms involved in the reaction of rats to egg- white might reveal new and more effective treatments against egg-white allergy in man.
The resistances of conalbumin and its iron complex to physical and chemical treatments.
Comparative studies of serum and haemolymph proteins.