Con'irol O}' Nonlinear Processes Usinc Qualitative Reasoning

  title={Con'irol O\}' Nonlinear Processes Usinc Qualitative Reasoning},
  author={Lyle H. Ungar and D€parEnen and Clmrcal EngirEering and Fmrrsytvania and Philadclrftia}
Thc QSIM algorittlm p.Dvides a frsc*ork for developilg models in the form of qualitrtile differcntial equadoDs (QDES), which alE absEadions of odinary differential cqurid,s (ODE9). whcrE the valucs of thc variables arE dcscribcd qua.litadvcfy and OE functional rctarionship6 bctwccn the variables tnay b€ lxlown incompletely. E3ch v:riabte. including fte… CONTINUE READING