Computing the medial surface of a solid from a domain Delaunay triangulation

  title={Computing the medial surface of a solid from a domain Delaunay triangulation},
  author={D. J. Sheehy and C. Armstrong and D. J. Robinson},
  booktitle={SMA '95},
  • D. J. Sheehy, C. Armstrong, D. J. Robinson
  • Published in SMA '95 1995
  • Computer Science
  • The medial surface of a solid object provides useful shape information which compliments existing model mpreserrtation schemes. [...] Key Method The algorithm is based on the domain Delaunay triangulation of a relatively sparse distribution of points which are generated on the boundary of the object. This strategy is adaptive, in that the boundary point set is retimed to guarantee a co~ct topological reptwen-tat ion.Expand Abstract
    On the medial surface approximations of extrusions
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    Techniques for the calculation of medial surfaces of solids
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    A linear bound on the complexity of the delaunay triangulation of points on polyhedral surfaces
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    A Linear Bound on the Complexity of the Delaunay Triangulation of Points on Polyhedral Surfaces
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    Medial surface generation and refinement
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    Calculation and visualisation of the thickness of 3D CAD models
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