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Computing basepoints of linear series in the plane

  title={Computing basepoints of linear series in the plane},
  author={Niels Lubbes},
  • Niels Lubbes
  • Published 9 May 2018
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • ArXiv
We present an algorithm for detecting basepoints of linear series of curves in the plane. Moreover, we give an algorithm for constructing a linear series of curves in the plane for given basepoints. The underlying method of these algorithms is the classical procedure of blowing up points in the plane. We motivate the algorithmic version of this procedure with several applications. 

Projective isomorphisms between rational surfaces

Computing curves on real rational surfaces

This work presents an algorithm for computing curves and families of curves of prescribed degree and geometric genus on real rational surfaces and shows how this algorithm can be modified for curved topographies.

Minimal degree rational curves on real surfaces

Webs of rational curves on real surfaces and a classification of real weak del Pezzo surfaces

  • Niels Lubbes
  • Mathematics
    Journal of the London Mathematical Society
  • 2020
We classify webs of minimal degree rational curves on surfaces and give a criterion for webs being hexagonal. In addition, we classify Neron–Severi lattices of real weak del Pezzo surfaces. These two

Surfaces that are covered by two pencils of circles

We list up to Möbius equivalence all possible degrees and embedding dimensions of real surfaces that are covered by at least two pencils of circles, together with the number of such pencils. In



On the computation of the straight lines contained in a rational surface

An algorithm to compute the (real and complex) straight lines contained in a rational surface, defined by a rational parameterization, that relies on the well-known theorem of Differential Geometry that characterizes real straight linescontained in a surface as curves that are simultaneously asymptotic lines, and geodesics.

A degree bound for families of rational curves on surfaces

  • Niels Lubbes
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
    Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra
  • 2019

Covering rational ruled surfaces

An algorithm is presented that covers any given rational ruled surface with two rational parametrizations and transforms any rational surfaceParametrization into a new rational surface paramétrization without affine base points and such that the degree of the corresponding maps is preserved.

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1 Curves on a Surface.- Invariants of a surface.- Divisors on a surface.- Adjunction and arithmetic genus.- The Riemann-Roch formula.- Algebraic proof of the Hodge index theorem.- Ample and nef

Algebraic Geometry

Introduction to Algebraic Geometry.By Serge Lang. Pp. xi + 260. (Addison–Wesley: Reading, Massachusetts, 1972.)

Principles of Algebraic Geometry

A comprehensive, self-contained treatment presenting general results of the theory. Establishes a geometric intuition and a working facility with specific geometric practices. Emphasizes applications

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