Computing Complete Graph Isomorphisms and Hamiltonian Cycles from Partial Ones

  title={Computing Complete Graph Isomorphisms and Hamiltonian Cycles from Partial Ones},
  author={A. Gro{\ss}e and J. Rothe and G. Wechsung},
  journal={Theory of Computing Systems},
  • A. Große, J. Rothe, G. Wechsung
  • Published 2001
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • Theory of Computing Systems
  • Abstract. We prove that computing a single pair of vertices that are mapped onto each other by an isomorphism φ between two isomorphic graphs is as hard as computing φ itself. This result optimally improves upon a result of Gál, Halevi, Lipton, and Petrank. We establish a similar, albeit slightly weaker, result about computing complete Hamiltonian cycles of a graph from partial Hamiltonian cycles. 

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