Computers then and now—part 2

  title={Computers then and now—part 2},
  author={Maurice Vincent Wilkes},
  booktitle={CSC '96},
  • M. Wilkes
  • Published in CSC '96 20 February 1996
  • Computer Science
By 1967, when I delivered my Turing lecture 'Computers Then and Now' [1], the computer field was well on its way to assuming its modem form. Progress had been made with high level languages (including the scientific study of their syntax), operating systems (including time-sharing systems), and CRT displays (including their application to Computer Aided Design). I referred to all these topics in my lecture. One feature was missing. There was as yet no computer networking, although it was in the… 
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The collapsed LAN: a solution to a bandwidth problem?
Present-day LANs come nowhere near to providing enough bandwidth to enable workstations in di erent part of a building to be used e ciently on the same problem.


Computers Then and Now
Commenting on the present computer field assess the needs for future development shows that the first of the more ambitious and fully engineered computers to be completed and prove themselves in practical operation took much longer than expected.
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