Computers in control: Rational transfer of authority or irresponsible abdication of autonomy?

  title={Computers in control: Rational transfer of authority or irresponsible abdication of autonomy?},
  author={A. Kuflik},
  journal={Ethics and Information Technology},
  • A. Kuflik
  • Published 1999
  • Computer Science
  • Ethics and Information Technology
  • To what extent should humans transfer, or abdicate, “responsibility” to computers? In this paper, I distinguish six different senses of ‘responsible’ and then consider in which of these senses computers can, and in which they cannot, be said to be “responsible” for “deciding” various outcomes. I sort out and explore two different kinds of complaint against putting computers in greater “control” of our lives: (i) as finite and fallible human beings, there is a limit to how far we can acheive… CONTINUE READING
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